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On Losing or Saving our Country

It might be extremely beneficial to be able to pinpoint the exact moment we began losing our country.  In that way, we could examine, pull apart and observe the actions and/or inactions that led to our demise and begin again without making the same mistakes and, thus, create a new mode of operations to both recognize and avoid the pitfalls that led to the current debacle(s) now killing the United States of America.  Unfortunately, we began losing her a very long time ago, due to neglect in not following and protecting the precepts upon which many of our ancestors founded this beautiful experiment in self-governance.  We forgot the “self” aspect of it and left our fate to those who now govern (actually more of a “rulership”) us in the ways they decide will benefit them; not our country or we-the-people.  Suffice it to say, neglect is never a way to run a viable company—it will inevitably fail—and certainly not a country.

Socialist Democrats Increase anti-Semitic Rhetoric

There is no Democrat(ic) Party anymore.  It has gone full-tilt to the Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Islamist etc. party.  And, it appears that all of the Socialist Democrat Party—the Democrat Party has already died and been buried—leaders have achieved the level of total corruption, now, with their anti-Semitic and anti-Christian screeds.

California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu accused US Ambassador to Israel of dual loyalty and not supporting the USA when he said that his “allegiance should be to America, not to a foreign power.” This followed the ambassador’s remarks in support of Israel’s decision to bar entry to two anti-Israel congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.”

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