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Our Economic Future

Our Economic Future
Our Economic Future

By Dr. Waterman 



Common understandings are frequently wrong. The primary function of a legislator is not formation of law, but rather, direction of Spending from the Public Purse.

Central banking is reckoned from 1688 with the formation of the Swedish central bank. The most recent, and current, of the four central banks here in the USA dates to 1913 for formal creation.

Most would state that the USA $/dollar dates from 1913, but that opinion is wrong. The Federal Reserve Bank, which is not a part of constitutional federal government, nor has any reserves, nor is a bank, has collapsed its product, the debt bearing Federal Reserve Note, several times since 1913. Most spectacularly in 1933, when it forced Roosevelt to seize the gold of the citizens in order to drive inflation into the currency.

The next most spectacular collapse came in 1971 when Nixon was forced by the Fed to close the ‘foreign gold window’, thus beginning modern Petrodollar currency, which falls into the category of ‘un-backed’ or ‘fiat’ currency.

History teaches fiat currency has a short life-span. None has ever lasted longer than 52 years. We are in the 52 year of the Petrodollar, and it is collapsing now.

Secrets Revealed: Deflation

Recent hyper-inflationary trends from the Fed are expressions of its use of its ONLY weapon against what is killing the global Petrodollar based financial system, that is, deflation. The Fed is desperately trying to inflate its currency against the global deflationary trends of the collapse of the Chinese (CCP) bonds that was sparked by Evergrande.

The deflation has just begun. If the previous Great Depression of the 1930s is taken as a model, we may expect that State property values, upon which most tax structures in the state depend, to lose 90% of their dollar denominated value over the next 4 to 7 years.

As may be expected, WA State economy will be greatly affected. Not only will our own tax base be eroded, but our ability to export globally will be crushed by the failure of the Federal Reserve Bank, and the financial systems it supports.

With death rates as measured by life insurance claims already up 268% so far this year, and rising, the state legislators need to consider that our vaxxed work force will be not only devastated by early death, but also those who are simply ill, or are dying more slowly, will demand care, and resource allocation away from rebuilding from these last two, really damaging years.

We can expect major developments within the Death of the Petrodollar in mere weeks that will propel proceedings in most state for the next decade. Most people, including most of the advisors to State Legislatures, will misunderstand these events, unwisely believing them to be temporary, or easily fixed. So, State legislators can expect the Federal Reserve to propel hyper-inflation to extremes. The resulting rise of numeric values for budgets will be against a rapid loss of confidence in the underlying currency. Reminder: in the previous Great Depression, local communities were forced to mint their own currencies. The Tenino wooden money is a good example. Most counties are not alone in this response by small towns to the gross mismanagement of the national currency.

This Great Depression, will be much, much, much worse.

Further when speaking with public servants, remind them there is much that may be done. However, their advisors are schooled, not educated, and do not know how, nor do they practice, critical thinking. This will compound their errors over these next few years.


Again, to repeat:

During a time of War, all actions taken by Officials will be viewed and judged against the larger background of the Conflict.

Legislators and other officials, in all capacities, including supporting personnel, would be well advised to obtain, and read, the DOD Law of War Manual.

To download a PDF copy of the DOD LAW of War Manual, link is below:

DoD-Law-of-War-Manual-June-2015-Updated-May-2016 – DocumentCloud

Here is a link to encapsulated description of Devolution that may assist your thinking for the Immediate, and Long term future. We are at War. Every action and decision and Vote will have significant and serious consequences.

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Summary of “Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised” by Clif High


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