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Our Letter to NCAA President Mark Emmert: Investigate Harms Caused by C-19 Shot Mandates

By No College Mandates


Mandates cause student athletes harm and discrimination

On June 30, No College Mandates sent the letter below to NCAA President Mark Emmert. We asked Mr. Emmert and the NCAA to investigate the negative impact on collegiate athletes resulting from Covid-19 vaccination mandates at more than 1,000 colleges. A copy of the letter was sent to NCAA senior leadership, NCAA Board of Governors members, the Division I Board of Directors, the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports, and more than 140 Collegiate Athletic Directors across the country.

As the author of that letter, I’d like to share my perspective on vaccine mandates.

I am senior administrator at one of the nation’s top universities.

I am also the father to multiple recruited Division I athletes.

In my higher ed job, I watched my very prestigious institution send everyone home to stop the spread and then conduct two semesters of online learning, before ultimately mandating an experimental vaccine to the entire population of students, faculty, and staff. The coercion was entirely unethical. Almost everyone was compliant–enthusiastic even–but I am sickened by what I witnessed. The student population was mandated to take a medical procedure or else face disenrollment. There was no informed consent.



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