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Outrageous: Woke Final Four Team SKIPS The National Anthem

By Hailey Sanibel


Even though no one watches the Women’s NCAA tournament – can anyone even define what the women’s tournament is? – that doesn’t mean these women, err…people, should be spitting on a symbol representative of freedom, sacrifice, and opportunity.

One Final Four team, to their everlasting shame, did just that. Over the weekend, while Duke and UNC played one of the most exciting and emotional games in recent memory, South Carolina’s women’s squad gave the middle finger to the greatest country in the history of the world and displayed their immeasurable ingratitude over attending college for free and playing a sport at an elite level as opposed to, say, not being able to go to school at all like in Afghanistan or being sexually trafficked in Africa.

These spoiled college ladies have it so hard! Can’t you just sympathize with their plight?



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