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‘P’ for Public or Propaganda? How NPR Morphed Into a Voice for the ‘Elite Establishment’

By  Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.


National Public Radio originated as a publicly funded voice for all Americans, but media critics allege the shift to more private, corporate funding has led the station to become a voice exclusively for elite leftists.

In an August 2022 discussion on the New York Radio Message Board (NYRMB), an online gathering board for radio professionals and fans, a spirited debate took place over National Public Radio’s (NPR) political biases, real or perceived.

During the debate, one commenter wrote: “NPR broadcasts far-left agenda-driven radio to suit those who fund them, everyone knows this. NPR is tailor-made left-wing propaganda, follow the $$$.”

Another commenter posted this counterargument: “For every segment that covers one side of an issue, there’s another that covers the other side. If you or anyone else disagrees, the company has an independent ombudsman to whom you can direct your complaint. Name a similar person in conservative talk radio.”



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