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Palestinian Scholar Encourages Muslims To Attack Americans … Will Dems Denounce It? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker

One central aspect of the Trump immigration policy that Biden immediately reversed was what Trump liked to call ‘extreme vetting’.

The concept is pretty simple: if someone trying to enter the country has a known criminal history or is linked to terrorist groups, they should be denied entry.

Predictably, the left looked for a way to demonize Trump with that story, so they ginned up outrage calling it anti-muslim and xenophobic. Or whatever their smear du jour happened to be.

Meanwhile, in America, we have elected officials (Democrats) who never seem to miss an opportunity to take a swing at Israel as an ‘oppressive’ or ‘apartheid’ state, while never seeming to have anything negative to say about terrorist violence undertaken in the name of the Palestinians they so robustly defend. Rashida Tlaib won’t even recognize the nation of Israel on a map.

We’re told, emphatically, that it is some kind of ‘ist’ or ‘phobic’ (not that we can keep all these rules straight) to question the loyalty of people like Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib to prioritizing issues that concern America over and above their own private political concerns.

We take that to mean that the Squad and the rest of the Democrats are therefore robustly pro-American and will take any calls to violence against America with all due seriousness…


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