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Parental Rights Advocates Battle With Activist Media Over Child Sex Change Treatments


Parental rights advocates are reporting mounting frustration with activist media corporations over their reporting on efforts across the country to limit sex change treatments for children.

A styleguide from the Trans Journalists Association (TJA), advised reporters to de-emphasize stories on detransitioning and avoid terms like ” biological male” and “biological female” and the term “transgenderism.” The Human Rights council’s guidance recommends against “deadnaming” transgender people, a word describing when a name used before a person’s transition is used after their transition. AP’s style guide similarly condemns “deadnaming” since it is “akin to using a slur and can cause feelings of gender dysphoria to resurface,” National Review reported. Now, it is common practice for most major corporate media outlets to use activist-approved language in their reporting

During a Twitter thread covering a bill banning sex change treatments for minors in Texas, Elena Rivera, a reporter for the NPR affiliate KERA News, linked to TJA’s trans reporting guidance. Rivera failed to include any of the testimony for the bill, especially that coming from detransitioners, following the TJA’s reporting guidance.

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