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Parents, If You Don’t Get A Grip On Your Kids’ Social Media, Trans Activists Will


An elementary school in Indiana must allow a 10-year-old boy who identifies as transgender to play on its all-girls softball team despite a new state law preventing males from competing on female sports teams, a judge ruled Tuesday. This is just the most recent example of how the trans movement is affecting our kids: an elementary school’s all-girls softball team. What is behind all these stories of young children gender bending? Social media could have something to do with it.

Social media and smartphones are harmful to kids. This is increasingly recognized and reported on by the media and has become a growing area of national, bipartisan concern in Congress. And parents already seem to realize that screens are addictive for kids, so they limit screen time and put boundaries in place around when and how often they can use devices. However, many parents aren’t aware of just how full of harmful content and dangerous voices many of today’s popular apps are. Time limits won’t cut it since even a small amount of time on the wrong apps can be extremely damaging…

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