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Perhaps The Most Tragic Vaxx Story You Will Ever Hear


This is absolutely heartbreaking.

I mean that sincerely and no, I’m not going to take the approach some have taken to say “you deserved it”.

No one deserves this.

No one deserves to have been duped by Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media and all the other corrupt players like Fauci.

This was an intense psy-op waged against the American people and sadly there are tragedies like this along the way.

So I cover this with the most sincere and heartfelt condolences to a mother who thought she was doing the right thing.

Let’s start here and please ignore the caption on these Tweets as I’ve already said that is NOT how I feel about this, but this tells the general story:

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One Comment

  1. Duncan Adams Duncan Adams February 15, 2023

    this is an older story … yeah it’s tragic … one of thousands … yes I’m callous – I’m not happy the kid is dead , not happy she suffered … but it doesn’t affect my life … sorry the way it is …

    Now the mom … does she know she helped kill her kid … don’t know … maybe .. or she may have shut out that thought …..
    She’s just another dumb A**8 woman that thinks she knows whats going and she don’t .
    Wonder if she had life insurance on the kid – always look at the bright side ….
    I have said for a long time … you got 2 -5 kids … get life insurance on them all .. VAX to the MAX . Odds are one will pay off for ya .

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