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‘Pfizer and Moderna better get this clarified’: Study finds worse antibodies after mRNA boosters

Increased proportion of post-booster IgG4 antibodies, known for helping humans adapt to allergies, “might result in longer viral persistence in case of infection,” German researchers conclude. Italian study found IgG4 concentration correlated with COVID-related mortality.


By Greg Piper

A new peer-reviewed study is raising concerns that a third dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may actually worsen immune response against COVID-19, creating waves in both mainstream and heterodox COVID circles.

Published in Science Immunology last week, the study by German researchers found that mRNA boosting induced a high level of so-called IgG4 antibodies, a subclass known for prompting a mild immune response, in two cohorts of several dozen healthcare workers.

The “shift” to this IgG subclass was “not seen with adenovirus vector vaccines” in the study, Scripps Research Translational Institute Director Eric Topol, who was not involved in the research, tweeted while cautioning that “clinical significance is not known.”

“Pfizer and Moderna better get this clarified,” California gastroenterologist Farid Jalali, who once pressured the FDA to fast-track COVID vaccines for infants, wrote in response to Topol before marking his account private.

The research is just the latest to prompt scrutiny of federal vaccine recommendations and ongoing professional and educational mandates, particularly for college students, a demographic with low COVID risks but elevated risks of post-jab heart inflammation.

The CDC still recommends everyone 6 months and older receive a full series and booster of the original Wuhan strain vaccine, topped off with the new bivalent Wuhan-Omicron booster, regardless of COVID risk level or likelihood of adverse reactions.

The agency’s own research has found superior protection against reinfection from natural immunity when compared to mRNA vaccines as well as low bivalent effectiveness against symptomatic infection, to the point where two doses protect better than three.


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