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Pfizer drops $1 million on Big Pharma delegate Chinless Mitch

by Olivia Murray

Boy oh boy does this stink, and it’s a story that cruised relatively under the radar.

According to reporter Tom Loftus writing for the Kentucky Lantern, Pfizer “donated” a whopping one million dollars last month to the Republican Party of Kentucky Building Fund; to put that into perspective, the same fund only raised $6,000 in the first three quarters.

For what you might ask?

According to Loftus:

In response to questions… Sean Southard, spokesman for the Republican Party of Kentucky, released a statement Monday that said in part ‘the Republican Party purchased the lot next door to our Frankfort headquarters and is planning an expansion project.’

A sign identifies the party headquarters as the Mitch McConnell Building….

The pharmaceutical giant “donated” the money? Yeah, right. Seems more plausible that Pfizer took a cue from BlackRock’s Laurence Fink and bought the Kentucky turncoat’s political favor — Fink recently gifted Zelensky with “pro bono” advice on how to implement a “special patronage” system in Ukraine which currently sees municipalities, buildings, really whatever, auctioned off to the highest bidder…

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