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PHOTOS: 300K Graves at National Cemetery May Receive Flower for Memorial Day Thanks to ‘Patriotic’ Donors


It is possible each of the 300,000 graves at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia now have a flower on its headstone as Americans observe Memorial Day.

When donors and the floral industry heard more flowers were needed for the special day, they quickly stepped up to help, Stars and Stripes reported Friday.

In addition, the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation asked this week for volunteers to help place them because they had more flowers than people to accomplish the task, according to the Military Times.

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One Comment

  1. Duncan Adams Duncan Adams May 30, 2023

    You know I realize this is a neat sentiment and makes people feel good . But if you want to do something that will really help . Instead of putting dead vegetation on a head stone . Go find some veterans or the widows of some veterans that are in need and give them the damn money .
    The dead don’t need any flowers . The living need things like food and medical care.
    All this is .
    A dopamine fix for the people that gave the flowers . Totally useless.

    Just like the people at the bible study I go to . They give food to some of the kids in this rural area. Ok that’s nice and they think they are doing good . Kinda .

    Supposedly they don’t get enough to eat . And what do they give them . I looked at it and started to get on their a****8 but didn’t . They give away all the stuff that has sugar in it . Or high carb content. Cakes , Pies , peanut butter , ramen noodles . So you got kids that don’t eat right and you feed them sugar that will blow their Blood sugar up then hypoglycemic. And what does hypoglycemia do the brain . Lower IQ , depression , self doubt , lack of self worth and on and on. But who get’s the biggest drug boost out of it . All the middle age and elderly Christians in my , no that bible study group. Dopamine … men kill for it women give their virtue for it .
    You know I could almost give them and the ” forest ” a pass on their worthless gifts. If they would just be honest that they are giving to make themselves feel good and not to do any good for the recipient.

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