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Poland: Security forces in Warsaw detain Antifa extremists protesting US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to commemorate WWII

Police in Warsaw have detained several members of the far-left extremist Antifa organization as they protested the involvement of US government officials in the ceremonies commemorating the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War. 

Twenty to thirty activists from the Student Anti-Fascist movement assembled close to the Nicolaus Copernicus Monument in protest of Poland’s invitation of US President Donald Trump and US Vice President Mike Pence for the commemoration ceremonies of the Second World War, Sputnik News reports.

Despite Trump having canceled his visit at the last minute, Pence arrived in Warsaw sometime on Sunday morning. 

The group of Antifa extremists who took part in the demonstrations said that their actions were inspired by what they described as regular human rights violations committed by the United States.


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