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False Flags – Political Vel Craft

Veil Of Politics

False Flags

Rhodes House Oxford England

Rhodes House Oxford England ~ Indoctrination Center For Deep State Operatives.

Examples of False FlagTavistock, & Rhodes Intelligence Sedition & Terror Operations.

  1. Outwitting Local Freemasons: Follow The Constitution!
  2. Rothschild Tavistock’s Increasing Attempts Of Tyranny Over Your Mind, Body And Spirit Of Humanity!
  3. Abduction Of America ~ Held Captive By Big Pharma & NWO Mass Media: Patty Hearst Stockholm Syndrom Revisited!
  4. 70 Inroads By The British Rhodes Empire: Monarchy Reclaiming America By Cronie Capitalism

Origin Rothschild

The Blue Print For The {Mutual Banker’s Appreciation Societies}, You Know, Like BilderbergsCommittee Of 300, Illuminati, CFR, etc etc ~ To Turn The World Into A Closed Financial Government aka; NWO {Where All Money Is Centralized}, You Know, Using Terms Like Communism, National Socialism, Fascism, Marxism etc etc ~ In Order To Centralize And Control “We The People” In Any Society, For Their Own Benefit For Non-Existent Competition Is:

  1. Stimulate This: The Perversion Of Keynesianism 2/2016
  2. Rothschild’s Handbook For Banker’s World Control: Elders Of Zion

The Pinnacle Term For All This Is Tyranny aka; Oligarchy Which Is The Queen Of England. Remember The 5th Of November And 1776 When “We The People” Broke Our Chains From This Slavery And Made Our Exodus To The United States. William Wallace, Guy Fawkes, & George Washington All Devout Christians, Are Our Heroes Of Freedom!


Hillary Clinton’s Faking It: NY Post

Faking It:

How the G.E. Controlled Media Manipulates the World into War!

Manufacturing Dissent

Listen to Charlie Chaplin‘s speech to the world below:


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