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Pompeo warns Bragg’s actions ‘dangerous for all Americans’

By Bob Unruh


DA crossed a line that could lead to ‘political’ prosecutions

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is warning that actions by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, in charging President Trump with a list of misdemeanor bookkeeping violations as felonies, is “dangerous to all Americans.”

That’s because, he said, it can lead to prosecutions for “political” purposes extending into America’s future.

Pompeo, now the senior counsel for global affairs at the American Center for Law and Justice, explained:

A weaponized justice system, like the one on display in Manhattan’s courthouse this week, is dangerous for all Americans. The DA’s actions – and those like it – will only serve to undermine and erode trust in our legal system. By pursuing a blatant political prosecution of a former president with a shoddy legal case, Bragg is crossing a line that could lead to similar prosecutions on both sides of the political divide. It undermines the confidence the American people have that their legal system will be fair and blind to bias. This is bad for our Republic.




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