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Portland: Feds Make Arrest After Antifa Attacks ICE Agents With Projectiles And Rocks

Antifa attacked the ICE office in Portland and then fled after the police responded, one man was arrested.

After the “climate strike” march ended, masked Antifa amassed at a park near the Portland ICE facility. They began to throw rocks and projectiles at police officers.

Watch the video below:

Andy Ngo


Yesterday, a couple of thousand people showed up in Portland for the Climate Strike. This was a coordinated worldwide event in which the least educated and most credulous among us demanded that the rest of us join them in moving society back to the Stone Age. [Every once in a while I muse over just how few of the Michael Mann types would survive in the society they are trying to create where there would be no major income streams of grant money, they would have to actually work to survive, and we might be inclined to hunt them for sport.]

As you know, you can’t have a demonstration in Portland without antifa or bloc or whatever they are calling themselves. So, naturally, they set out to attack the DHS/ICE facility in Portland. That’s when they found out that they weren’t opposed by Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s ineffectual and anarchist-sympathetic police force but by people who took their duties and responsibilities seriously. “READ MORE…”

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