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Potentially Fraudulent Covid Relief Claims Totaling Over $5 BILLION

By USA First Reporting


A recent analysis by PRAC discovered 69,323 possible instances of false SSNs that were tied to a big government Covid relief scam that cost $5.4 billion. This startling revelation raises the possibility that the system is weak and might be exploited further in the absence of more strict protections being put into place.

The Public Responsibility Action Center (PRAC) has brought to the community’s attention a number of instances in which funds from the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Paycheck Protection Program of the Small Business Administration have been fraudulently utilized. These instances have occurred in multiple instances. Both initiatives contributed a staggering total of $1.2 trillion to small companies that were adversely affected by covid; but, fraudulent conduct threatens to hinder their ability to effectively assist individuals who have been adversely touched the most by this worldwide epidemic.





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