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Prepare For Trump Landslide If The Squad Rules

In a recent interview, MSNBC News anchor Brian Williams waxed philosophical with Hollywood political expert Michael Moore about the Democrats’ chances of beating President Trump in 2020. If the filmmaker’s yearnings pan out, the L-word is in play – landslide.

After declaring his respect for the president’s political and business savvy, Moore went on to assert, “Let’s hope that Alexandria [Ocasio-Cortez] and Rashida [Tlaib]and Ilhan [Omar]and Congresswoman Pressley are the face because that’s how we’re going to win.” Then he averred: “We’re going to win with people who believe that climate change is real. We’re going to win by getting behind people who want to raise the minimum wage, who are going to fight for all these things that the American public wants. That’s ‘the Squad.’ They’re the force out there.”

May The Force Be With You

If the Squad is the face and force of the Dems, the Republicans might do well to sit down and shut up for the next 15 months. In fact, “Do nothing and Win” might make an excellent campaign slogan for the GOP. This is primarily because Mr. Moore’s words demonstrate just how clueless he is about the American electorate.

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