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President Trump, As Long as You are Declassifying…

Providing declassification authority to AG William Barr on all things Russia investigation is a great thing. Patriotic Americans need to understand all the abuses of power that were applied by Democrat operatives since your nomination.

Then as long as there is the matter of Israel and Iran that continues to fester and maintain a political as well as militant component, there are at least two suggestions noted below that will for sure be favorable to your foreign policy and will likely have some positive outcomes for domestic policy.

Let’s go back to 2016 and 2017 shall we? Congressman Louis Gohmert of Texas was part of a hearing where then Eric Holder was the witness. At one point, Gohmert demanded that Holder declassify and release the Holyland Foundation trial documents. ALL OF THEM. tic toc…

Since then, Gohmert is still ringing the bell. He continues to plea for more attention to the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR so that a legitimate status can be attached to black list those organizations.

So as long as Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib continue the path to attack Israel, consider Gohmert’s presentations. “READ MORE…”

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