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Prison Camps for Political Dissidents in All 50 States



Over a hundred million Americans say that civil war is coming…

In a recent interview with Clayton Morris on Redacted, US Border Patrol agent turned filmmaker, J.J. Carrell, discussed his new documentary and the fact that prison facilities are being built in all fifty states to hold millions of political dissidents.

“And there's detention facility bids. Bids to build individual detention facilities in every state in the Union. And then she goes on to say to me, well, who do you think they're built for? And she says, in this interview, they’re for dissidents. American dissidents."
~  J.J. Carrell

The FEMA camps were reported decades ago. This was never an outrageous conspiracy theory. The US government has been framing American patriots as the enemy for decades. And the reason should be obvious, those who have been in control of the US government for generations have no interest in serving the people in accordance to the Constitution or otherwise. Our country is being destroyed from within and the rule of law has been weaponized against those who defend it.

Hundreds of innocent Americans have been arrested and thrown in jail because they chose to peacefully protest the 2020 stolen election. And others such as Jeremy Brown, a Green Beret who was approached in late 2020 by Federal agents trying to recruit him for the Jan 6 false flag operation, was arrested after going public with this information by the same Federal agents. He was put in maximum security prison where he remains to this day, his one-thousandth day in Federal prison.

Hundreds of innocent Americans have been in jail for years. And several have been tortured. Much of America is okay with the fact that hundreds are rotting in jail for a peaceful protest. It’s already become the norm. While it’s definitely worth celebrating the release of Julian Assange, the American people have never been more divided.

The Daily Mail reports that “more than 40 per cent of Americans think a new civil war will be fought within the next decade.” According to one poll, “more than four-in-ten US voters say the country is likely to get ripped apart in a second civil war within five years.” And another shows that over a hundred million Americans say that civil war is coming.

Based on the recommendation of think tank, Policy Horizons, Canada has been preparing for an American civil war including cyber-attacks and grid failures following the 2024 presidential election.

The soldiers of the New World Order are not going to die easy. They are apparently willing to spark a nuclear conflict with Russia and are already writing new laws to bring back the draft…


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