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Proposed San Francisco Surveillance Program Smacks Of Big Brother

By Keelin Ferris

With the support of a new district attorney, the San Francisco police department wants to implement a fresh plan to crack down on crime. However, the Democrat leadership of one of the most crime-ridden cities in America is being called authoritarian over a proposed surveillance program that gives the police department real-time access to private security systems. Does the policy amount to a violation of the Fourth Amendment, even if well-intended?

Rising Crime in San Francisco
In June, The former district attorney of San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, was recalled after wide and aggressive criticism that he failed to make the city safe. Criminal offense rates rose during his tenure, especially hate crimes against Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans, which increased by 567%. However, the Democrat-led local government now realizes ditching the DA isn’t enough to fix the problems, and…

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