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Prosecutor Shares the Baffling Motive Behind the Half Moon Bay Shooting Spree

By Jim Thompson 


Chunli Zhao officially remains a suspect in the Half Moon Bay murder spree, but he has now admitted to killing or wounding all of the victims. There seems little need to “suspect” anyone else.

What prompted his rampage? A $100 debt.

According to two eyewitnesses, Zhao was smiling and laughing as he killed the first victims. According to The Mercury News:

“A pair of sisters told the Bay Area News Group they watched Zhao initiate the shooting spree through their car’s windshield.

“He was laughing, he was smiling,” said one of the sisters, Erlin Ortiz. “We saw him get on the forklift, and when he turned to see us, he was making fun of the situation.”

Zhao was one of 35 people who lived on the California Terra Gardens’ property. According to authorities, Zhao holds a valid Green Card. The Green Card allowed Zhao to work in the United States and permitted him to buy and own firearms. He’s a Chinese national who has been in the United States for 11 years.





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