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Proven Ways to Block Radio Frequencies



Many dangers come with living in the digital age. One of those dangers is the constant exposure to radio frequencies. Radio frequencies are all around us, and while some of them are harmless, others can be harmful. In this article, we will discuss how to block radio frequencies and why people might want to do so.

What Are Radio Frequencies?

Radio frequencies, or simply radio waves, are electromagnetic waves coming from wireless devices. These devices include cell phones, routers, and microwave ovens (to name a few). The term ‘radio frequency’ can also be applied to older technologies such as televisions and radios. Radio stations emit low-power transmissions to broadcast their programs through these signals.

Due to this constant exposure, we’re living in an ocean of radiation that we cannot see but which nonetheless has adverse health effects and can be blocked and filtered with special equipment if necessary.

There are many benefits with creating an enclosed environment where radio waves are not able to go through, even more so having an RF Shielded Box which offers protection from up to 80 dB of Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave radiation. It can be extremely helpful when you need to be shielded and need testing enclosures.



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