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Psychosis, Panic Attacks, Hallucinations: Bizarre Psychiatric Cases Among the COVID Vaccinated

Dr. Patrick William Slater is a 60-year-old neurotologist. A few years ago, he had a full-time medical practice in Austin and enjoyed hunting and fishing in the mountains during his downtime.

Then, in October 2021, Dr. Slater came down with cerebellar ataxia, a disease affecting movement. He couldn’t eat or go to the bathroom without help.

While his ataxia could be managed using drugs, it wasn’t always effective against his biggest complaint: unprecedented panic attacks.

Almost every night, Dr. Slater would experience panic attacks that left him in “abject terror.” He thought about killing himself many times, he told The Epoch Times.

No one could provide a satisfactory answer about why he had developed these symptoms. Nothing abnormal showed up on his laboratory reports, and his neurologists and psychiatrists dismissed his symptoms as anxiety.

But Dr. Slater is convinced that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are the culprit.

Dr. Slater was suspicious when the symptoms first appeared within about two weeks of getting the second dose of the COVID shot. The second—and worse—wave of career-ending symptoms had coincided with his third shot.

After taking the booster, “there was no question in my mind,” Dr. Slater said.

Before 2022, Dr. Patrick William Slater had a full-time medical practice in Austin and enjoyed hunting. (Courtesy of Dr. Patrick William Slater)
Before 2022, Dr. Patrick William Slater had a full-time medical practice in Austin and enjoyed hunting. (Courtesy of Dr. Patrick William Slater)

Increase in Unusual Psychiatric Illness

Beginning in late 2020 with the COVID vaccine rollout, some doctors have seen an increase in unusual psychiatric illnesses.

Psychiatrist Dr. Amanda McDonald noticed a wave of psychiatric destabilization among her stable patients. They experienced flare-ups, often manifesting with worsened or new psychiatric symptoms.

“I couldn’t figure out why,” Dr. McDonald told The Epoch Times. “My patients typically stay stable.” But many stable patients were suddenly arriving at her office with insomnia, depression, and anxiety “without any sort of rhyme or reason.”

She increased some patients’ medication doses or added new drugs to their regimen, but it had little effect.

(The Epoch Times)

A recurring pattern Dr. McDonald sees is atypical panic attacks, which can feel like having a heart attack. Brought on with no apparent trigger, symptoms typically escalate as the evening progresses and climax at night. A typical panic attack can occur anytime throughout the day but often has triggers, and it is easy to treat if patients can avoid these triggers.

After spending over a year following her patients, Dr. McDonald realized that COVID-19 vaccines may be linked to their psychiatric illnesses.

“I already had an existing patient population when the pandemic hit that I knew very well. What I saw was manifestations in that patient population,” Dr. McDonald added.

Dr. Diane Counce, neurologist and neuroradiologist, observed an increase in severe anxiety and worsened mood.

“People also talk about how their personality has changed,” she told The Epoch Times. In cases where a family member has brought in a patient, “[The family] will say, ‘they’re just different.'”

Nurse practitioner Scott Marsland, who has treated hundreds of long-COVID and vaccine-injured patients at the Leading Edge Clinic, added that debilitating anxiety, depression, and insomnia are among the most common symptoms he has seen. However, some patients have also developed hallucinations and suicidality.

The Evidence

Unlike myocarditis, no conclusive proof exists that COVID-19 vaccinations cause psychiatric illness. A multitude of studies, however, have linked COVID-19 vaccines with psychiatric symptoms, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis, and suicidality.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a self-reporting database co-managed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), used to surveil for early warning signs of potential adverse reactions. VAERS has documented over 9,400 and 1,600 cases of anxiety and depression, respectively, in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines comprise, respectively, over 60 percent and up to 50 percent of all anxiety and depression reports on VAERS.

Other less common adverse reactions include 1,500 reports of panic attacks (over 80 percent of VAERS reports), over 1,100 cases of hallucinations (over 65 percent), and 975 cases of irritability (10 percent).

Psychiatric adverse reactions reported to VAERS after COVID-19 vaccination. (The Epoch Times)
Some researchers argue that the rare and fatal cases reported on VAERS may be a sign the system is being abused. In contrast, others believe they suggest a potential link to the vaccine and are worth investigating.


Psychosis includes both hallucinations and paranoia. Acute episodes after taking the shots have been reported in case studies.

In Brazil, a previously healthy woman in her late 30s developed refractory psychosis within 24 hours of getting the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. She was aggressive, had disorganized thoughts, and believed she was being persecuted in the hospital.

Doctors treated her with antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, but four months of hospitalization later, only her behavior had improved. Her psychosis remained.

In Taiwan, a 15-year-old boy was sent to the hospital with agitation and uncontrollable limb stretching and screaming two days after his second Pfizer shot.

He exhibited bizarre behaviors in the hospital, including sitting up and lying down frequently with mannerisms like praying in the bed. He was prescribed antipsychotics, but the behavior persisted for over a month after discharge.

Doctors then put him on a steroid regimen. Steroids are anti-inflammatory and can help calm an overactive immune system. The boy’s symptoms improved.

In India, a 17-year-old girl who received an inactive COVID-19 vaccine developed psychosis within 48 hours. She became restless and suspicious, talked to herself, and had insomnia for a month.

She had no neurological abnormalities, and all her lab tests came back normal, including a COVID-19 test. Two weeks after being given psychoactive drugs, her symptoms resolved.

Symptoms onset shortly after vaccination, exclusion of other likely causes, and absence of genetic predisposition “indicate the psychiatric adverse event may be related to the vaccine,” researchers from All India Institute of Medical Sciences and District Hospital wrote in the case report…


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  1. letmepicyou letmepicyou October 6, 2023

    The COVID “vaccine” is a genetic bioweapon created by Mossad Jews that infiltrated the CDC, WHO, and NIH decades ago.

    This is evidenced by the fact the ACE2 receptor targeted is present mainly in white (54%) and black (39%), but is strangely absent in ASHKENAZI JEW POPULATIONS.

    Demonstrable. Provable. Just nobody has the GUTS to speak on it.

  2. RedBronze RedBronze October 6, 2023

    There was never any good reason to get these foolish jabs, the fact that fear based thinking drove SO MANY PEOPLE to so ruin their health, astounds me. I’d also point out the supposedly smartest among us, were the EASIEST TO FOOL. “They said” was all that was needed and peer pressure reigned supreme. These one world order scum will try this again, as they want most of us dead, so WILL PEOPLE WAKE THE HECK UP ALREADY? Get some freaking backbone, people, say hell no to this overreaching evil!!!!!!!!!

    • Jill Kenmore Jill Kenmore October 13, 2023

      some of the smartest people I know, and some of the smartest people I’ve heard/read about (y’know, PhD types) are also some of the most stupid. Chicken littles running around screaming “the sky is falling!” when doing some simple research on their own would have given them TONS of information on the hell those vaccines were unleashing on the public. I have an entire file on my computer with THOUSANDS of articles, photos, medical documentation, memes, first-person accounts, social media posts, stories, medical professional feedback, and websites, that I’ve acquired over the past 3 years….most of it not even things that I’ve searched for myself, but just things that I’ve come across in my every day on-line “life.” There’s really no excuse for anyone not to know. And now they’re discovering that vaccines for animals/pets (on top of the horrible food produced en masse by big agra) are just as dangerous and deadly as those for humans.

  3. Daniel Daniel October 6, 2023

    Well, after you’ve been convinced your Government would take care of you cradle to grave and then find out they’ve tried to murder you? That might drive you insane.

  4. uncle corkster uncle corkster October 6, 2023

    Our police scanner is crazy with suicide people, some psychosis episodes
    and a ton of heart attacks, aka CPR in progress calls. Its a daily thing to have at least 3 of
    the bunch. On a good day maybe just 2.

  5. Verbal Bomb Chucker Verbal Bomb Chucker October 6, 2023

    I’m sooooooooo glad I was smart enough NOT to get the “vaccine” (ie: Depopulation Shot). Anytime the Government is pushing something really hard, like the “vaccine”…..I’m smart enough to do just the opposite of what the Government Weenies are saying.
    Remember, “The Experts” are usually WRONG. They usually become “Experts” because they BS the Morons in the Media or Government.
    Example: Climate Experts – WRONG about everything, every time.

  6. Penn Joe Penn Joe October 6, 2023

    I was struck by this comment: “She (the psychiatrist) increased some patients’ medication doses or added new drugs to their regimen, but it had little effect.“

    I am learning more and more, a number of my friends in therapy and on drugs prescribed by their therapist. I suspect this a part of our societal problem. I have a friend who in the past became very insular and keeps to himself. Later he becomes social again and tells me how his therapist has “adjusted” his medication and he is OK now. I can recall this happening 3 times. This third time, in a friendly way, I asked him if he had considered NO DRUGS to see if there is an improvement. He told me his chemical makeup is so bad he needs the drugs to balance him out. At that point I dropped the matter and I just pray for my friend.

  7. Douglas D Douglas D October 10, 2023

    Dr Slater had “Suspicions” after his second “Jab” that it might be causatory, yet he continued and got a third jab. Why did he do so after the second jab raised his suspicions?
    Most physicians I work with believe in the medical industrial complex, believing that it has the best interests of the people at heart. However, in the thirty plus years I’ve been licensed I’ve seen the “System” change to serve itself instead of those its intended to serve.

    • John John October 14, 2023

      And that’s the problem right there, most people believe.
      At the health care system has their best interest at heart. Every doctor at work at a hospital right now needs be killed on site Because they are all complicit and responsible for the murder and genocide of the human race.
      As well as every politician that pushed it, and every news media organization that reported it and lied to people told them it was safe.

  8. Mira Mira October 13, 2023

    Then why have so many of the fake Jews died from the covid jabs?

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