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Putting a Cost on Wokeism

By Kevin Jackson


The cost of wokeism for Leftists is they must cheat to win. Whether in business, politics, sports, or whatever, if a Leftist is your competition, you can count on them to cheat.

If they can’t cheat, then they resort to totalitarian techniques to get compliance. And while many parts of the world bend to this force, there is always somebody willing to fight the power. America is that somebody. The American Conservative is that somebody.

We know that freedom comes at a price. And true Americans willingly pay this price. We studied historical figures in American history who centuries ago paid freedom forward. Conservative Americans honor these warriors and continue the fight to this day.

But the price of freedom while high, can’t compare to the cost of doing nothing. And what defines doing nothing? By my definition? Wokeism.

So what is the price of wokeism? I wrote of this recently in showcasing the woes of Facebook.

Facebook parent company Meta Platforms, Inc. forecasts a weak holiday quarter and significantly more costs next year wiping about $67 billion off Meta’s stock market value, adding to the more than half a trillion dollars in value already lost this year.



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