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Qatari Media’s Promotion of Rep. Ilhan Omar is Alarming

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is being directly defended and promoted by Qatar’s official media outlets and news agencies. This is concerning to many Americans as they are left wondering why a foreign country feels the need to protect the interests of a US Representative in such an aggressive manner?

Qatar’s broadcasters have a history of airing AntiSemitic content and providing platforms to Anti-Western hate-preachers such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi who has repeatedly expressed his support for suicide attacks against innocent Israeli civilians, while calling for Jihad to “free Jerusalem”. In some instances, Qatar’s networks have violated their own code of ethics.

Some of the news agencies seen racing to defend Ilhan Omar’s regular controversial statements are also the leading platforms in promoting Islamic extremism and terrorism. Which in itself should be alarming to Ilhan Omar, as to why she is the focus of many of their sanitizing articles. Instead, Omar happily welcomes their praise by retweeting their content and appearing on their channels.


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