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Queer Kid Stuff LGBTQ Channel Targets 3-Year-Olds with ‘Non-Binary’ Teddy Bear

Queer Kid Stuff is an LGBTQ YouTube channel that targets preschoolers as it seeks to instruct them in gender ideology and social justice.

Lindsay Amer, the creator of Queer Kid Stuff, says her YouTube channel features “an LGBTQ+ and social justice webseries for kids and families.”

Amer draws toddlers into her world view with what she says is a “non-binary” talking teddy bear and a repertoire of Sesame Street-styled LGBTQ songs she sings as she plays a ukulele.

Videos in the series include Learn Your LGBTs! in which Amer teaches young children what lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgender individuals are, and the different sexual “identities” people assume.

Other videos include What Is Gender? Unicorns are Queer Horses, I is for Intersex, A is for Asexual, What Is Privilege???, and Transitioning – all topics Amer apparently believes are on the minds of preschoolers.

In the video What Is Gender? Amer and her teddy bear teach toddlers, “Did you know that some people aren’t boys or girls? Some people are boys … some people are girls … and some people are people.”

Transgender individuals, Amer says in the video, are “people who do not identify with the gender the doctors tell them they are when they are born.”

“Bad doctors!” reads a recent post at 4thWaveNow, a site that welcomes the views of “parent-skeptics who question medicalising gender-atypical youth” and that promotes “free speech,” “science,” and “rational feminism.”

The writer continues:

Do tell, readers. When you were 3 or 4 years old, would the words “identify as” make any sense to you? Can you picture your mom or dad casting aspersions on those dumb doctors who jumped the gun, and stupidly TOLD your parents you were a boy or girl?

When Teddy expresses confusion about how to tell who is a boy and who is a girl if “all of them can wear ties and dresses,” Amer responds, “That’s actually really easy, Teddy. All you have to do is ask someone what their pronouns are.”


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