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Read About One Heroic 10-Year-Old Girls Attempt To Call The Police As Texas School Shooter Went On A Rampage

By Adam Wilson

Yesterday, tragedy struck Robb Elementary School as nineteen schoolchildren, and two teachers were shot and killed by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

Ramos shot his grandmother during an argument before going to the Elementary school and opening fire on a classroom full of children and their teachers.

Ramos reportedly hinted that he was going to carry out the attack hours before it occurred, tagging a stranger on Facebook with pictures of guns and saying that he had a ‘little secret’ to tell them.

Amongst the tragedy that occurred at the school, one tale of heroism emerged as a 10-year-old girl attempted to call 911 before Ramos opened fire on her classroom.

She was shot dead by Ramos while dialing the number on her phone…

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