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REPORT: Biden’s CIA Knew About Ukraine’s Plot To Bomb Nord Stream And Cripple European Energy For Months

By Chris

New details have emerged linking Ukraine’s military to a covert attack on the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline. As reported, three months prior to the disastrous underwater explosions, the Biden administration was briefed by a close European ally on Ukraine’s plans to sabotage the vital pipeline. Notably, this intelligence directly links the Ukrainian government to what US and Western officials have decried as an audacious and perilous act against Europe’s energy network.

The intelligence data, reportedly shared via Discord by Massachusetts Air National Guard member Jack Teixeira, was obtained from an inside source in Ukraine. The Washington Post received a copy from one of the Airman’s friends online. Despite not being immediately verified, it was circulated among US, German, and other European intelligence services, provoking critical questions about the administration’s response. Teixeira was the young man arrested on April, 13 for leaking classified documents on Discord.

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