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IG Report on Comey’s Memos Due Out Today

The Washington Examiner reporter Byron York said a separate IG report on just Jim Comey is coming out Thursday. Earlier, the Inspector General referred Comey for leaking his confidential, and in some cases, classified, memos and this report with deal mostly with the memos and not the broader Russia-Trump issue.

The Inspector General of the Department of Justice Michael Horowitz is issuing a 65-page report Thursday on James Comey. It is said to portray former FBI director Comey harshly.

Comey’s report has been separated out from the full report due out in September, possibly October.

According to a July 22nd report by Paul Sperry at real clear investigations, the report, perhaps the full report and not today’s report, will say Comey was running a counterintelligence operation on the President with no supporting evidence. After he was fired, Comey’s planted agent went to work in the White House to spy on the President and his team.  READ MORE…


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