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“Republican” Sues Clarence Thomas For Failure To Pay Taxes

By Noah


How’s that for a bizarre, confusing headline?

Well, it all comes from a bizarre, confused, little man…. meet John Anthony Castro.

Actually, if he looks or sounds familiar to you, it’s because we’ve seen him before.

Back when it was a popular trend to try and keep President Trump off the ballot, one of the main people filing all those lawsuits was, you guessed it, John Anthony Castro.

He claims to be a “Republican” but he was fighting President Trump in multiple states….and now he’s suing one of the most reliable Supreme Court Justices we have ever had: Clarence Thomas.

Doesn’t sound like much of a Republican to me!

Sounds more like a George Soros plant!  But what do I know….

This story actually dates back to February, but I actually didn’t see it before now so in case you missed it too, I am covering it now.

Take a look:

Here are more details, from Newsweek:

Republican John Anthony Castro is filing a lawsuit against Clarence Thomas, accusing the U.S. Supreme Court associate justice of failing to file his income taxes, Newsweek has learned…


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