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Republicans Blame Katie Hobbs as 20 Percent of Vote Tabulators Malfunction in Maricopa County

By Debra Heine

“Safe and reliable” voting machines are malfunctioning in polling places all across America, causing long lines, and making it difficult or impossible for people to vote on Election Day in their districts.

Problems were most pronounced in Arizona, where the current Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, is running for governor against Republican powerhouse Kari Lake.

Maricopa County still uses Dominion vote tabulators, even though the company has been embroiled in controversy since the rigged 2020 election. The Cyber Ninjas-led election audit in 2021 uncovered multiple discrepancies—enough to overturn the election result. The machines in 2022 are generally new because those used in the 2020 election “were permanently compromised by the Arizona Senate’s election review,” officials told the Arizona Republic.

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