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Restoring Trust in the Election System, Bring Back the Hanging Chad Days!

By Dr. Stephanie Coxon

The grassroots freedom movements within and outside the United States have really taken off, with Pennsylvanians leading the way in many respects. The expectation of a red wave had many Americans hopeful of a changing America in the November election. Unfortunately, it fell short.

There were a lot of takeaways. First and foremost, FIX the voting laws. This may seem impossible at this point, but people need to reach out to their county commissioners and get new or, should I say, old machines back. Personally, I miss the hanging chad days.

Either stop the mail-in voting or get on board with it.

Conservatives need to take notes from the Dems and get those ballots to people who would not otherwise vote; clean up the voter rolls ⏤ after all; how long do you have to be dead to be considered unable to vote?

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