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Reverend Slammed For Declaring Clapping For Dead Veteran Is ‘Cult Of White British Nationalism’

By “Steve Watson”

A Church of England Reverand has been blasted on social media after he claimed that an organised ‘national clap’ in commemoration of a recently deceased World War Two veteran constitutes a ‘cult of white British nationalism’.

The show of appreciation was organised for Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died aged 100 after raising £33 million pounds for the NHS in the UK.

London based Reverend Jarel Robinson-Brown didn’t share in the sentiment, however, and declared that those clapping, which included Captain Moore’s family, are white supremacists.

“The cult of Captain Tom is a cult of White British Nationalism. I will offer prayers for the repose of his kind and generous soul, but I will not be joining the ‘National Clap’,” Robinson-Brown bizarrely tweeted:

After a massive backlash ensued, Robinson-Brown deleted the tweet and stated “I offer an unreserved apology for the insensitive timing and content of my tweet regarding the clap for Captain Tom.”

He also appears to have deleted his Twitter account.

In his Twitter bio, prior to its deletion, Robinson-Brown, who is training to be a priest, described himself as an ‘activist’ who is “passionate about issues of justice, particularly in the areas of race and sexuality” and has “an interest in gender, desire and ethnicity in Late Antique Egypt”, as well as “liberation theology” and “queer theology”.

Many responding to the tweet noted that some of those ‘interests’ generally always seem to come along with virulent nastiness.

A petition has been created calling for the removal of Robinson-Brown from his post as curate of All Hallows in the City of London:

Others noted that had the race connotations been reversed, this guy would have immediately been removed from his post:


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