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Rhode Island Schools Cling to Ineffective COVID Rules, Ignoring Harms to Kids

No Rhode Island children have died from COVID-19, yet irrational policies like mandated school masking and testing continue, contradicting all of the available evidence. Parents must demand compliance be optional, not compulsory.

By Andrew Bostom, M.D., M.S.

One of the consistent mercies of the SARS-CoV-2 “COVID-19 pandemic,” even at its most virulent initial stages, has been the paucity of serious disease in children generally, and healthy children, universally.

COVID-19 always was and remains a very highly age and comorbid risk-stratified disease that targets the extremely frail elderly — especially those in congregate care — and the otherwise middle-aged to elderly with multiple (for example, at least 6!), severe, chronic comorbidities.

For the vast preponderance of the world’s population and workforce, i.e., the 94% under age 70, we now know that the most aggressive early variants, such as the Wuhan, Alpha and Delta strains, conferred a very modest infection fatality ratio (IFR; COVID-19 deaths/total COVID-19 infections) of 0.1%, or 1 per 1,000 infections.

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