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Russia Passes ‘Gay Propaganda’ Bill That Prohibits All LGTBQIA+ Messaging In Media, And Bans Openly Gay Relationships

by Jacob M. Thompson

“There is no need to impose alien values on us. You destroyed yours – let’s see how it all ends, but it’s definitely sad, because it’s a Sodom – there’s no other way to say it – and the United States of America has become the center of this Sodom in the world. Let them live there, but don’t bother us.”

Several days ago the Russian court passed a motion to ban the promotion and proliferation of anything pro-LGTBQIA+ in all forms of televised and printed media, including books, and advertising. The bill also prohibits homosexual relationships and marriages in broad daylight.

Lawmakers say this move will protect from the “darkness spread” and propagated by the United States and many of Russia’s European neighbors.

The WinePress reported on the early proposals for this bill in June, which RT said that the bill did not totally disseminate against the LGTBQIA+ lifestyle and the personal liberties of the people to identify how they want…

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