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Russia Publishes Details Of Security Proposals Sent To US & NATO

By Tyler Durden


Authored by Dave DeCamp via,

On Friday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry published a document detailing security proposals it put forward to the US and NATO as Moscow is eager to begin negotiating for guarantees from the Western powers. The requests reflect statements from Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials that have been made over the past month as tensions have been simmering over Ukraine. One of Moscow’s main concerns is over NATO’s eastward expansion.

According to Russia’s TASS news agency, the document says the US should “take measures to prevent further eastward expansion” of NATO and ensure no more former Soviet states, such as Ukraine, join the military alliance. The Russians want the US to pledge not to build any bases or use military infrastructure in former Soviet states that are not NATO members.

The proposal calls for the US and Russia to refrain from deploying military forces to areas where such deployments can be viewed as a threat. The document reads:


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