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Russiagate MOAB Bombshell: Trump Orders FISA Declassification and QAnon Is Proved To Be Real

However you look at it, a bombshell dropped on Monday 17th September when, as Q had predicted to the day, President Trump ordered the declassification of selected parts of the Carter Page FISA application. This is really massive news and could not only put an end to accusations of Russian involvement in the 2016 US Presidential election but also swing November’s US mid-term elections in the Republicans’ favour. Needless to say the left-leaning pro-Democrat mainstream media in the US is having kittens.

Furthermore, the decision proves Q’s authenticity beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt because for some time he had been predicting that a “DECLAS” would be coming on “a red carpet day” and sure enough the red carpets were out on Monday because that was when the US TV Emmy awards ceremony was held.

As most of my audience is either in the UK or in Europe and probably doesn’t follow either Q or American politics as closely as I do, let’s take the Q drops and the importance of the announcement step by step.


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