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Russiagate reckoning wouldn’t be necessary if media didn’t ‘lie’ in first place, Nunes memo author says

The Republican lawyer behind a key moment in the Russiagate saga may appreciate there has been a reckoning of sorts with how the media so badly botched the story, but he’s not impressed that only now some Americans are waking up to what he calls “a complete lie.”

Kash Patel was the primary author of the 2018 memo from then-House intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., about significant flaws in the sprawling Trump-Russia investigation, in the midst of what could only be described as the feverish Russia coverage that dominated the Trump administration.

But the notion that former President Trump was implicated in a diabolical conspiracy with the Kremlin has shriveled down to nothing, and the Nunes memo and other narratives once frowned-upon by the left have retroactively earned journalistic credibility as a result. Patel, who helped craft the memo as a senior committee aide, will take what he can get, but wishes there wasn’t the need to reassess the Russiagate narrative in the first place.

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