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Russian Soldiers Discover “Baby Factories” in Ukraine! Kids are Grown for Sex Brothels and for Organ Harvesting – Video Interview

By Carlo Domenico Cristofori

A video has surfaced of Russian soldiers describing how they found a “baby factory” in Ukraine where young children are raised for the pedophile child brothels, or murdered to harvest their organs and sell on the Black Market. The video was published by The People’s Voice, and they mention how other sources in Russia have covered this issue, and that Western Media just excuses it as disinformation or propaganda».

There are good reasons to trust this footage which narrates a series of horrors allegedly discovered by the Moscow army in the war zones. The conditional is obligatory because there is no detailed information in relation to the alleged structure liberated by Russian soldiers near Izjum, a city in the Kharkiv oblast, in eastern Ukraine.

But multiple elements lead us to believe that this dramatic story is reliable: including a generic alarm launched by Unicef precisely on the vile phenomenon. For this reason, even though we don’t have the total certainty of it, we prefer to report it rather than hide it.

Indeed, we have to recall, as highlighted below, that Child Prostitution was considered by UN the major problem in the country also due to the licentious legal system does not provide a clear definition for “prostitution” and “child prostitution”.

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