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San Francisco Invests $250K in ‘Anti-Racism’ Woke School Program – Student’s Scores Plummet

 M Winger


“Spend money on woke, get better grades!”

That’s what some on a San Francisco school board thought.

Reviewing the progress of the students will reveal if that holds water.

The Hayward Unified School District school board gave the OK on a $250,000 contract with an ‘anti-racist’ training company that’s literally called Woke Kindergarten.

Two years after pumping DIE, I mean, DEI ideology into their brains, their scores hit record lows.

Why do they always have blue or pink hair? Remember the old days when people dyed their hair just for fun? Now it seems to be a symbol to prove that you’re ultra-woke.

The American Conservative reports:

When I founded the 1776 Project, a national super PAC dedicated to electing conservatives who opposed critical theory in the K-12 classrooms, the mainstream media, the teacher’s union, and Democrat politicians insisted that I was peddling unfounded fear to concerned parents. In the three years since I began my mission to flip school boards, it is not only evident that critical theory is alive and well in our nation’s primary and secondary schools, but also becoming a billion-dollar business funded by tax dollars.

The Hayward Unified School District, located in San Francisco’s Bay Area, is host to the failing Glassbrook Elementary, where 474 predominantly Latino children spend a decade barely learning to read, write, or do math. As of last spring, less than 4 percent of students were proficient in math and 12 percent in English.

With the blessing of parents and educators, the school board approved a $250,000 contract with the for-profit company Woke Kindergarten, which specializes in addressing “anti-racism” training for students and teachers through a federal program to improve failing schools. School officials believed that if they could confront the legacy of racism and white supremacy, students’ grades and attendance would improve. The opposite happened.

After two years of using Woke Kindergarten, math and English scores hit new lows despite the district telling the San Francisco Chronicle that attendance had improved and suspension rates were down, allowing the school to get off the state watchlist for failing schools. In fact, not only was Glassbrook still on the watchlist, but their ranking had declined since using the “anti-racism” program…


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  1. Swordslinger Swordslinger February 25, 2024

    All this woke crap is nothing but racism against white people!

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