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Satanists in Ukraine are hopeless and desperate


Ukraine is losing so badly that the government has been recruiting (probably) gangsters, looters, fraudsters, liars, pedophiles, sexual predators, and others into their army.

If you think the title of this article is odd, consider this: the Ukrainian government has recruited 3,000 soldiers from prisons! This is an unmistakable sign that they are losing so badly that they have to recruit (probably) gangsters, looters, fraudsters, liars, pedophiles, sexual predators, and others into their army. JEA

Ukraine Recruits More Than 3,000 Soldiers From Prisons

Ukrainian officials estimate around 27,000 inmates are eligible to serve in the military under a new law

Ukraine has released over 3,000 prisoners on parole and assigned them to military units after President Voldomyr Zelensky signed a bill into law in May that allowed recruitment from Ukraine’s prisons.

Ukraine’s Justice Ministry estimates that around 27,000 prisoners are eligible for military service under the new law, which allows the recruitment of murderers, as long as they didn’t kill more than one person and only have no more than three years of their sentence to serve.

Prisoners recruited by Russia’s Wagner Group made up much of the fighting force on the Russian side in the brutal battle of Bakhmut. At the time, Ukrainian and American officials condemned Russia for using prisoners.

The new Ukrainian law is just one of the desperate measures being taken to deal with Ukraine’s significant manpower shortages. Kyiv is also looking to pressure Ukrainian men living abroad to return home to fight and cut off consular services for them…


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