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Saudis Launch Retaliation Strikes On Yemen As Houthi Missiles Threaten Nearby Formula 1 Race



Saudi state sources on Saturday said the Saudi coalition thwarted another attempted Houthi attack on oil tankers off Yemen’s coast. SPA said Saudi forces have destroyed explosive-laden boats which were being prepared for an “imminent attack on oil tankers” in Yemen’s Saleef port and Hodeidah port.

At least four “weaponized boats” belonging to the “Iran-banked Houthis” were neutralized, according Saudi military statements. It’s part of an ongoing retaliation operation following Friday’s major missile and drone attack against several oil and infrastructure sites in the kingdom’s south, which set a large fire at a Jeddah Aramco facility.

The response has included ramped up airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition against sites in Yemen. SPA said the coalition is protecting global oil security and shipping during the operation, as the Yemen war has reached seven years this week.

“The Coalition cited protection of global energy sources as reason for the military operation, affirming that it will directly target hostile agents and avoid civilians and oil facilities,” state-run SPA reported. “It added that it has practiced self-restraint in response to the recurring Houthi militia attacks on oil facilities, saying that the military operation is in its preliminary phases and will go on until it accomplishes its objectives.”


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