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Scary: English College Suggests Adding Lithium To Drinking Water “For Anti-Suicidal Effects”

By Madame Defarge

The next step in the examining of the deterioration of our society is our drinking water.  That sounds quite odd but it is an example of a function that government should undertake, but considering the lack of profit potential for politicians will never happen.  The subject has a very unfortunate amount of data to be assimilated before the problem can be addressed. It can be distilled down to the quote “drugs are us.”

We have wondered many times and made countless jokes about the lack of masculinity in the young men in todays’ society.  They scream and point loudly but run when there is a self-induced or natural hysteria to be addressed.  They are easily converted to transgender type homosexual paraders under the label of soy boys. 

Memorial Day recently was observed and we have an easy comparison before us.  What would these “boys” do when confronted by an SS Stormtrooper or a Muslim swinging a sword?  Would they wave the rainbow flag?  Would they want to sing around the campfire with their new friends?  From news video it appears that the “girls” are as tough as the boys, but it is actually quite difficult to determine who is whom until the fight over the doughnut box breaks out.  When we add the recent examples in Texas and Florida of murdered school children while law enforcement types cower outside, the whole concept of a peaceful orderly society is flushed away.  Who will defend us…

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