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Security Heightened at Major Store Chains After Series of ‘Flash Mob’ Robberies

by Bryan Jung

Security is being boosted in retail outlets across the country this holiday shopping season, as stores and law enforcement face a pandemic of organized retail crime by smash and grab mobs.

Major stores like Home Depot, CVS, Target, and Best Buy have been some of the worse afflicted by the “flash mob” raids, which have increased in scope and in size in recent weeks.

Stores in California, Illinois, and Minnesota have been repeatedly attacked in the last few weeks, with the Bay Area being hit hard in particular.

At the end of November, a well-coordinated gang, raided a San Francisco-area Nordstrom, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items.

Bystanders watched helplessly as dozens of looters in cars drove up to the store and overwhelmed the staff, ransacking shelves and terrorizing customers before driving away, with police making only a handful of arrests…

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