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See wife of pro-life activist describe raid by 30 armed FBI agents

by Art Moore

Mark Houck, 48, is a Catholic pro-life activist who showed up every Wednesday on the public sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Philadelphia to provide counsel to women seeking an alternative to abortion.

On a Wednesday in October 2021, a volunteer escort at the clinic, 72-year-old Bruce Love, threatened Houck’s 12-year-old son, yelling obscenities at the boy. Houck, when Love got too close to his son and continued with “crude,” vulgar slurs, according to the family, pushed the volunteer away and he fell down, requiring only a band aid on Love’s finger. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner – a George Soros ally who is no supporter of the pro-life movement – decided not to press charges. Love filed a private complaint against Houck but never bothered to show up in court, and the case was thrown out.

Nevertheless, the Justice Department took up the case, and last week, as many as 30 FBI agents in tactical gear showed up at the home of Mark Houck, his wife, Ryan-Marie, and seven children, and arrested him at gunpoint…

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