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Selco: Are You TRULY Adaptable Enough to Leave Everything Behind to Survive?

By Selco

People want definitive solutions, manuals that gonna help them step by step, lead them from point A to point B. It works in any field of life, so it works too in the field of survival.

It is one of the reasons why we as humans become more and more dependent on the system-we are simply got used to manuals, disclaimers, warnings, advisories and similar things.

It affects us in every aspect of life. It is not a problem right now to live by manuals, disclaimers, warnings, etc. The real problem is in fact that one day all those things will be gone when SHTF, and if you are really conditioned to live by it you are in deep problems then.

Books are written about bugging out or bugging in, and some of those books are good, but again, just like we are conditioned to follow manuals we are also conditioned to have OPINIONS and stick to it. So somehow it became modern to have an opinion about everything, and to stick hard to it, even more- to fight with people who have other opinions.


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