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Senior Google Employee Appears To Have Assaulted Pro-Life Activist Near DC Planned Parenthood

A senior Google employee managing Google Cloud business with the U.S. government appears to have assaulted a pro-life activist near a Washington, DC, Planned Parenthood on Saturday.

After the incident, the alleged victim followed the man home in his car, hoping to identify him, and was later tipped off that the alleged assailant was Quinn Chasan, who according to his LinkedIn is employed by Google as, “Head of Customer Analytics, Google Cloud, U.S. Government.”

The Daily Caller was able to confirm his identity by linking the address he was followed to with a post on Facebook advertising a July party at the same location. Posts on Chasan’s Instagram, which was set to private shortly before publication, also appear to match the man who appears in video taken of the incident, and both also have a left ear piercing.


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