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SHOCK VIDEO: Overstock CEO Resigns Then Drops BOMB on LIVE TV; Tech Boss Said he Spied for FBI on Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio

Former Overstock Inc. founder and CEO resigned today from the company he took 20 years to build. Then he dropped a bomb. Onto the FBI.

On Thursday, Patrick Byrne went on live television to dismantle the FBI, saying he took orders from Peter Strzok during the 2016 presidential election to spy on Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and even Hillary Clinton.

Byrne said he played a role in a “political espionage” scheme.

To spy for the FBI.

Byrne said he was offered a billion dollar bribe to keep his mouth shut. He said his mentor Warren Buffet told him to resign from his CEO post and focus on publicizing the FBI scandal.

Byrne said he has detailed his ordeal of being “played” by the FBI to Attorney General William Barr and waited until Jeff Seesions was removed as attorney general to go public. He called Sessions a useless excuse of a man.

This story is developing.

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