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SHOCKING Revelation: TikTok CEO Confesses In Congress


By USA First Reporting


When asked if TikTok was accessing user data, Chew responded, “We have to be more explicit,” but then added, “Absolutely.”

The CEO of TikTok, Shou Chew On, revealed an unexpected detail about the famous social media app during a recent Congressional hearing. Given that the site is owned by the Chinese corporation Bytedance, this comes as no small surprise. Florida recognized the firm’s data practices, which have been under heavy scrutiny in recent months, in a statement to Congressman Kat Cammack. This disclosure raises crucial questions about the function of internet corporations in protecting our privacy at a time when lawmakers are still looking into the security of our personal information in the digital era.

“My colleague, Representative Lada, confirmed that your parent company ByteDance currently can access user data, yes?” Cammack asked. After Chew said “we have to be more specific” he said “Yes,” and added “some user data is public data.”




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